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Mount Allison
Model United Nations

Our Conference


The following are the committees for the MtAUN Conference.

Keynote Speaker

Updates coming soon!


What is the dress code?

The dress code or all conference is Western business attire. This does not include running shorts, jeans, or other casual wear.

Can I use a laptop during my committee?

No, laptops are not permitted during committee sessions. However, they may be used during Unmoderated Caucus sessions outside of the Committee room in order to create Resolution Papers.

What should I bring to my committee sessions?

Besides a keen political mind, you should bring a writing utensil, a notepad/notebook, and sticky notes for communicating with other delegates.

Are there rules during committee sessions?

Yes, please refer to the Rules of Procedure. If you have any questions about the Rules of Procedure, please do not hesitate to ask a Secretariat member or your Chairs.

Can I win an award?

Yes, each committee will have their own set of awards that will be announced during the closing ceremonies. These awards will pertain to differing aspects and skills developed during the conference.

How can I be a part of the Secretariat?

First of all, what a wonderful question! There will be a call for Secretariat applications and position descriptions on the MtAUN Facebook page during the winter semester. An email will also go out to all delegates with more information after the conference.

Rules of Procedure

For information regarding procedures during the MtAUN Conference, please refer to our Rules of Procedure document

Background Guides

The background guides for 2018 have been released. Please read the guide for your assigned committee before coming to the conference.

General Assembly Background Guide (1/2): Global Population

General Assembly Background Guide (2/2): Cyber Security

Crisis Committee Background Guide (Short)

Crisis Committee Background Guide (Extended)

Position Papers

Before the attending the first committee sessions on October 20, delegates are expected to prepare a short position paper describing their delegation/country. This will help inform delegates of issues to bring up during the conference, making the conference fun and exciting!

Click here to download a position paper template.


MtAUN 2018's sponsors include the following:

  • Napul'è: Delegates get 10% off food during the conference.
  • The Painted Pony: Delegates get 10% off food during the conference.
  • Knuckles Truffles: Provided chocolates for the keynote speaker.
  • Tidewater Books: Contributed towards MtAUN prizes.
  • Campbell-Verduyn Fund: Contributed towards MtAUN funding.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for MtAUN, please contact